SINGERS . . . SONGWRITERS . . . ENTERTAINERS "76TH STREET" . . . Arizona's #1 Indie/Pop Power Duo!!! Haley & Spencer "76TH STREET" are Dynamic Singer/Songwriter/Entertainers engaging audiences from 30 to 3000 with their stories of Strength, Independence and Love at Music Venues throughout the Western States. With a clear voice and powerful harmonies, "76TH STREET" brings their upbeat personalities to every performance; Haley with mature vocals, powerful keyboard and a touch of humor, Spencer with energetic voice, spirited guitar and personal warmth. “Bewitching Audiences . . . Their Voices Sinking and Soaring Like Birds . . .” Tom Scanlon, ImagesAZ “When They Perform It’s MAGIC . . .” Jenny Kelber, The Songbird’s Nest



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