Kierstyn Greenberg has been playing piano for seventeen years and possesses a repertoire of more than 500 memorized songs and pieces in every genre from classical to jazz to contemporary/pop. She can play almost any song by ear after only hearing it once, and once she's played it, she's memorized it and can play again at a moment's notice. Secondly, Kierstyn, being a music composition major, is a competent improviser-- which she can do for hours on end in both classical and jazz styles. She has developed impressive technicality from studying everything from Rachmaninoff to Bill Evans. Finally, she has an innate talent of programming. She knows exactly which songs to choose for a certain gig; if you give her a genre, she can make a setlist that exactly suits the needs of your arrangement. She has performed extensively in venues such as the Wigwam Resort, and the Ground Controls in Goodyear and in Verrado. She has played hundreds of events including weddings, memorials, private parties, festivals, corporate events, and church fairs. She has played (both solo and on worship teams) for four different churches over a period of six years. She was the accompanist for all three choirs at her high school, North Pointe Preparatory, during her senior year and played in the jazz, concert, and marching bands throughout high school. She now is the principal pianist for Northminster Presbyterian Church and rocks the house as the pianist in the ASU Latin Jazz Combo, directed by Dom Moio.


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